Here is everything you need to know about Holstein Friesian


Holstein Friesian Cow

Holstein Friesians are native to the Dutch regions of North Holland and Friesland, as well as Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany. These are known as the world’s most productive dairy cattle.

In North America, it is referred to as Holsteins, whilst in the United Kingdom and Ireland, it is referred to as Friesians. These cattle are well known for the black spots on their white colour body. They are the most popular breed in the dairy industry because of their status as being the highest milk-producing cattle in the world.

Originated from North Germany and Dutch regions, these cattle are now easily found in more than 150 countries of the world. Their main food source is grass. They are the crossbreed of the Holstein cow and the Friesian cow. A healthy calf i.e. a baby Holstein Friesian cow weighs around 40 kg to 50kg and the adult ones 680kg to 780kg in weight. Read more


How To Identify HF Cow?

The Holstein Friesian cows are recognizable because of their unique colour patterns. They have black or red (in some cattle) spots on their white colour body. Few of them also have a kind of bluish tint because of the mixing of white and black hair. Their bellies are large and their faces are thin in shape. They are about 145cm to 165cm tall by the shoulder and weigh up to 680kg or more when it gets mature.


Milk Production & Lactation

 The Holstein Friesian cattle have the highest milk yielding capability in the entire world. This is what makes them very costly and in demand. They can yield up to 10,000kg of milk every year. That means they can produce up to 10-25 litres of milk yield per day. The fat content of the milk they provide is about 3.1%.  Holstein Friesian cows’ prices are high because of their good milk yielding ability and less eating habits.


How to maintain Holstein Friesian cows?

Like all animals, they require suitable weather conditions to function at their best. Make sure they are kept under concrete walls or tin shade shelter to defend themselves from heavy rainfall, sunlight, snowfall, parasites, and frost. The house should be properly oxygenated and a clean air and water facility must be there.

Cleaning should be done regularly to avoid the spreading of parasites and incubation of mosquitoes and as well as viruses.  Give them proper nutrient supplements like –  Protein, Calcium, Vitamin A, and Phosphorus with their food. Manage them properly and provide proper care whenever the cow gets pregnant. Good management practices will result in a healthy calf and also gives a high milk yield. 


Where can I get Holstein Friesian cows?

 If you are looking to purchase a Holstein Friesian cow, pick up your mobile phone, go to the play store, and download the “Animall” app. Register yourself by verifying your phone number and then tap on the cow section where you will find different-different breeds of cow.

Then filter out the Holstein Friesian cow breed, calving, and milk capacity, and then select the best cow from the options available.

Bring home the best Holstein Friesian cow by following these 3 easy steps.

  • Enter your district or village name or Pincode. 
  • After entering, tap on the cow section. Here choose the breed of Holstein Friesian cow and select the calving and milk capacity as per your preference.
  • Now you will start seeing all the cows around you. You can then select any cow of your preference. Go ahead and bring your most preferred Holstein Friesian cow to your home.


How to list my Holstein Friesian cows for sale?

 If you wish to sell your Holstein Friesian cow, then for that also you need to install our “Animall” app. First, you need to register yourself and then go to the sell animals section. After that, enter the milk capacity, rate, and price of your Holstein Friesian cow. After you are done filling in all the required details, your cow will be registered on the “Animall” app. Anyone interested in purchasing your cow will call you directly.

Apart from selling and purchasing cattle, you can also get all the necessary information related to all the cattle by installing our app. If your cow is not keeping well then you can directly talk to veterinary doctors through our app. You can get the verified cattle at the best quality and affordable rates and that too without paying any commission to any middleman.


 Common Diseases & Treatments:

The Holstein Friesian cows often suffer from various diseases, especially reproductive diseases. Both the adults and calves die most of the time after being infected. But many of them can be treated by using antibiotics. Some of the common diseases that the Holstein Friesian cows suffer from and their treatments are:


  • Mastitis: Mostly affecting these dairy cattle, Mastitis infects the udder area of the female cattle and reaches the mammary glands, the glands helpful in reproduction, due to an increase in white blood cells.  This leads to problems for the cows to breed further as well as low or no milk yielding.  It is a disease that can be treated by the use of antibiotics at the right time.
  • Reproductive Tract Infections: The many reproductive tract infections like BVD (Bovine Virus Diarrhoea), IBR (Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis), etc. are some of the diseases that dairy cattle like Holstein Friesian suffer from. The best way to control the disease is by injecting them with antibiotics and keeping them in quarantine.
  • Lameness: This is one of the most common diseases in dairy cattle. Foot lameness means the improper functioning of the foot in the cow. It is generally found in the cows that have to walk long distances from their shed to the grazing areas, especially when the areas are hard and uneven for walking. It can be treated by the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.


  • Treatment of acidic indigestion: Avoid feeding acidic fodder to animals. During the start of this disease, feed animals saline elements like baking soda and medicines which will help to energize their liver.
  • Treatment of simple indigestion: Feed them spices which will help them to increase their hunger. Provide them feed which digests easily.


  • Enteritis/Calf scours/ Diarrhoea: In this disease first, the excessive loss of water occurs then acidosis and dehydration and then the cattle die. The disease mainly occurs when cattle drink unclean water, when they are in unclean hygiene conditions, and when they are fed poorly.
  • Treatment:   proper ventilation and dry bedding are required.


These cows are the queen of the dairy industry because of their high milk-producing capability. The Holstein Friesian variety is widely spread, however, it is mainly focused in places with active dairy markets. These cattle are becoming a more essential aspect of the dairy industry in the United Kingdom and the United States.