Here is everything you need to know about Bargur Cow



Originated from down south, in the Erode District of Tamil Nadu state, Bargur Cows are known to be aggressive and excel in endurance and strength. They are named after the Bargur forest hills in the Anthiyur Taluk of Tamil Nadu state in India. They fall in the draught cattle category because of their fiery nature and strong body. They are often used for trotting vehicles and doing other fieldwork for the farmers because of their immense body strength.

The Bargur cows are generally brown in colour with white patches over the upper surface of their body. But in many cases, they are white with brown patches on top. They are normally reared in herds in the Bargur region by the Kannada-speaking Lingayats.

Bargur cow prices in India can vary based on various conditions, however, they are popular because they belong to the forest region and are thus very good in trotting and other drought-related abilities. They have high endurance and their milk is said to have medicinal value.  

How To Identify A Bargur Cow?

These cows are recognized by their body colour and their physique. They are healthy and thus have the ability to bear drought-like circumstances. Their horns are thick and light brown in colour. They grow closer from the root and each other. The horns of Bargur cows are sharply tipped and curved backwards. They are also white coloured with the opposite markings of brown patches on their body.

Milk Production & Lactation:

The average milk yield per lactation of a Bargur cow is about 350kg. It can range from 2250kg to 1304 kg. Their milk is believed to have high medicinal value and is considered suitable for health. Besides, the milk of the Bargur cow is easily digestible compared to other breeds.

These cows are kept in a shaded area together known as “Pattys” and are looked after by the tribal labourers from the Lingayats community.

How to maintain Bargur Cow? 

Like all animals, they require suitable weather conditions to function at their best. Make sure they are kept under concrete walls or tin shade shelter to defend themselves from heavy rainfall, sunlight, snowfall, parasites, and frost. The house should be properly oxygenated and a clean air and water facility must be there. Cleaning should be done regularly to avoid the spreading of parasites and incubation of mosquitoes and as well as viruses.  Give them proper nutrient supplements like –  Protein, Calcium, Vitamin A, and Phosphorus with their food. Manage them properly and provide proper care whenever the cow gets pregnant. Good management practices will result in a healthy calf and also gives a high milk yield.

Where can I get Bargur Cow?

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How to list my Bargur Cow for sale?

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Common Diseases & Treatments:

There are various diseases which can trouble your Bargur cow, so it is always better to take precautions. The details of the diseases and their treatments are mentioned below:-  

  • White Muscle Disease: Disease responsible for causing stiffness in the baby Bargur cows which may lead to damage of various organs and then death is known as white muscle disease. They are found in cattle suffering from a deficiency of selenium. They can be treated by providing antibiotics to the calves on time.
  • Lameness: Foot lameness is one of the most common diseases in these breeds. As they are agricultural cattle and often used for trotting, and sometimes they have to walk miles and miles. It can be treated by the use of anti-inflammatory drugs on the cattle.
  • Digestive system disease: Diseases related to the digestive system like acidic indigestion, simple indigestion, etc.
  • Treatment of acidic indigestion: Avoid feeding acidic fodder to animals. During the start of this disease, feed animals saline elements like baking soda and medicines which will help to energize  their liver.
  • Treatment of simple indigestion: Feed them spices which will help them to increase their hunger. Provide them feed which digests easily.
  • Enteritis/Calf scours/ Diarrhoea: In this disease first, the excessive loss of water occurs then acidosis and dehydration and then the cattle die. The disease mainly occurs when cattle drink unclean water, when they are in unclean hygiene conditions, and when they are fed poorly. 
  • Treatment:   proper ventilation and dry bedding are required.

 These cows are only found in the hilly region and are known for their unique horns and endurance. They are mostly used for agriculture work as well as trotting for the travellers. Bargur cows are a very important breed and therefore only families with professional breeders keep them