About Us

Animall.app is Internet based e-veterinary services for registered users where you can book a call appointment with a certified veterinary (Vet) and obtain information regarding animal behaviour, diseases and/or symptoms.

Why choose Animall Veterinary services?

We are on a mission to create the world’s most convenient and stress free veterinary care experience for pets and their parents. Our team of world class veterinarians are always on call from morningto midnight, 7 days a week providing your pet with the highest level of care in the comfort of home or office. Call nowfor a free evaluationand upfront quote!

How much does it cost?

We offer phone consultations to help assess your pets condition and determine thebest course of action. This cost 49 inr per consultation.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Requestingan appointment is fast, easy and convenient, with availability on most nights and weekends. Just tap the animall.app and, book online.

Can I choose the same vet for each appointment?

Yes, Absolutely. You are assigned an expert veterinarian and a care specialist to handle allaspects of your pets health. Furthermore, our dedicated team is devoted to providing youcontinuous personalized care and support.

When to use Animall Veterinary services?

If your looking for a veterinary practice that is obsessed with treating pets and their parents like rockstars, you’ve come to the right place! Whenever you need us, help is justa few taps away... Without further delay weproudly welcome you to experience the future of veterinary care.